The Classiest Hot Dog in Chicago

Nothing says “America” like hot dogs and this 4th of July we were on the hunt for the best hotdog we could find. We were on our way home from the beach, and some quick online research told us that the best hot dog was at Allium. If we had read some of that online research a little more thoroughly, we would have realized that Allium is a restaurant in the Four Seasons. Our flip flops and patriotic American flag tanks were a little out of place in the Four Seasons, but the staff were all incredibly cool about it and we had such a great experience that we will be returning to try out the dinner menu.

Now onto the hot dog- Allium’s Chicago Style Hot Dog comes with homemade everything from the hot dog itself down to the balsamic ketchup (used for the fries of course – I’m not a monster).  The hot dog kept to classic “Chicago style” flavors, but the use of local fresh ingredients and homemade condiments took this Chicago dog to the next level. I also loved that this meal was a little interactive, the fresh toppings came on the side and the homemade condiments also came in cute little individual squeeze bottles, so you could craft your perfect hot dog.  I definitely recommend this place for its fabulous Chicago style hot dogs, but come prepared for the upscale dining atmosphere.