Lillie’s Q

 Lately I’ve been making an effort to explore Wicker Park. Lillie’s Q is an adorable little barbecue place on North and Wolcott. We sat down and were immediately presented with a large tray of Lillie’s Q sauces and some menus. Lillie’s Q has a great variety of locally brewed beers, and we were definitely excited about trying something new. Unfortunately we waited at least 20 minutes before our waiter even came over. This gave us lots of time to pick out what we wanted, so when we finally did speak to our waiter we were ready to place our whole order. We ordered two beers, hushpuppies, and the “Taste of LQ” which let us pick 3 meats to try. We got the pulled pork, tri tip, and baby back ribs, with sides of collard greens and mac and cheese. The service continued to be incredibly slow all night. It took another 20 minutes to get the beers, and 30 minutes to get our hushpuppies. When they got to the table they looked delicious – but they were actually extremely dry. It was another long wait for our dinner, and when it did eventually come it was actually pretty good!

The mac and cheese was amazing, cheesy, creamy, glory. There were also some toasted breadcrumbs on top which gave it a special crunch. Definitely get this.  The collard greens were also done very well, they came with a special Hot Pepper Vinegar which really took them to the next level.

The tri tip was tender and delicious, and really good with the Ivory Sauce. The baby back ribs were unfortunately a disappointment, they were tough, very dry and hard to eat.  Finally, the pulled pork was also very good – especially with the Carolina and Carolina Gold sauces. Actually, all of the sauces are seriously delicious. These sauces are for sale in some grocery stores, and on the Lillie’s Q website.  I definitely recommend picking up a bottle or two for your own home barbequing needs.

I wanted to try a dessert, but by the time we finished with our main course we had already been in the restaurant for over two hours. Additionally, the waiter informed us that they were out of all of the desserts except for one so we passed. In summary, sadly the service experience was not the best, and I thought some of the things I tried were a little below average.  However, Lillie’s Q has a great atmosphere, some really good sauces, and a few great food items at reasonable price points. Give it a try if you are in the area.