High Class Olive Oil

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High Class Olive Oil

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Why I made this...

A Note from Laura

Cooking with cannabis is the greatest! When used correctly, edibles are one of the healthiest and safest ways to consume cannabis. However, on dispensary shelves you often see a plethora of gummy bears, cookies, brownies, and other miscellaneous candy. As an adult with an adult pallet I wanted a way to consume cannabis that was more in line with my natural eating habits. So I started making my own homemade edibles!

It was then that I discovered some of the not so great things about making my own cannabis oils and butters. The single most important aspect to making homemade edibles is understanding your own dose, and the potency of your edibles. I learned that it was practically impossible to accurately estimate the potency of homemade oils and butters. Still, I wanted to make safe and reliable homemade edibles, and I wanted to help empower others to do the same.

Thus High Class Olive Oil was born! For the past year I have been focused on building this product from the basic ingredients, to the feel of the bottle in your hand, all the way up to the type of cork I used. My promise to you is this: I have built you something that I would use for myself and for my own family.

After several rounds of taste tests, I sourced a certified organic extra virgin olive oil from Argentina. I only work with clean California cannabis that has been safely extracted. Our product is always pesticide and solvent free. I elected to infuse my bottle with a 5:1 THC to CBD ratio so that you could enjoy your cannabis edibles the way nature intended – with a mix of both cannabinoids. CBD has many wonderful benefits, but importantly it can mitigate some of the less pleasant side effects of THC. Finally, the best part is that our olive oil is easily and reliably measured and dosed via that standard set of kitchen measuring spoons you have in your drawer.

So cook with confidence! And enjoy responsibly!

If you are a licensed California dispensary or delivery service interested in carrying our product please reach out to sales@highclasseats.com.

For press and sponsorship inquiries please reach out to contact@highclasseats.com.