Butcher & the Burger

No matter what your burger preferences,  you are likely to find the burger that ruins you for all future burgers right off the Armitage brown/purple line stop at Butcher & the Burger.  From type of patty to bun this place offers highly customizable burgers featuring local, natural ingredients. Making all those important burger decisions yourself can be kind of intimidating, but the employee behind the counter acted as my burger spirit guide and walked me through the process. The first decision on the list is what kind of burger patty you would like. Butcher & the Burger have a crazy variety of patty options, including grass fed beef, salmon, gulf shrimp, a vegetarian lentil and brown rice, pork, turkey, etc. Although I was tempted to go exotic and try the shrimp patty, I played it relatively safe and went with the American Bison patty.

Next decision on the list was choosing the spice rub for your patty. Again there were many interesting options available including  Chicago Steak House, Sonora Desert Chili, Curry-Coconut-Honey.  I had no idea which one to select. Here my burger spirit guide stepped in and told me that they recommend pairing the bison burger with the Creek Bottom Game Mix.

Back on more familiar territory, following the spices you get to select your bun. There were a lot of great healthy options such as  whole wheat  and lettuce wrap, but there were also more standard options such as split top butter, croissant, and pretzel.  I wasn’t exactly going for a “healthy” burger, so I went with the pretzel bun.

Finally onto the good stuff – choosing the toppings. Butcher & the Burger has a great array of your standard burger toppings and cheeses available for no additional cost.  But they also have some really interesting stuff under “extras.” As the name implies these things cost a little extra, but justifiably so.  To name a few: sautéed foie gras, BBQ pork belly, black truffle aioli, and Amish duck egg.  I went a little wild and got goat cheese, black truffle aioli and the duck egg.

My burger was in short, amazing. The patty itself was cooked to a perfect medium, the goat cheese was creamy and tangy, and mixed perfectly with the fried egg. The truffle aioli introduced the flavor of truffles without being overwhelming. Delicious.  Do keep in mind that the American Bison patty itself was about $15, and with all the extras I got my burger alone was about $20 (I regret nothing). Other patties are about $10, so while definitely not the cheapest burger you will get, the ingredients are high quality and prices are comparable with other upscale burger locales such as 25 Degrees. This was definitely one of the better customizable burgers that I have had in Chicago. Bonus: it’s BYOB :).